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Reisebericht zur Burma - Myanmar Reise


"The trip was very, very satisfactory under every aspect and in particular the organisation was impeccable. Our guide was not only competent and kind but also very attentive at "smoothing out“possible problems between the participants even before these become noticeable. The trip in itself and your organisation are certainly to be recommended, and indeed I am already doing so. The following points are offered as a possible help for future trips: - The economic and social situation in Myanmar is evolving very rapidly, and the guideline suggestions & tips you provided are outdated. The special currency for the tourists seems to no longer exist, or at least nobody uses it anymore. Euros are accepted as well as dollars. There is virtually no reason to go for the black market street money exchange, because at least in our experience none of these was prepared to offer more than the travel agency. Several shops already accept credit cards (although not yet hotels), and many hotels and shops told has they reckon being able doing so in a few months. While it is certainly still advisable to carry enough cash as to cover all expenses, it no longer makes a sense to leave the credit cards home. The elephant camp trip is perhaps the weak point in your program. It is very interesting of course, but it takes very long to go there. Our guide was clever or lucky enough to make a mid-way stop at a local market which provided many wonderful photo opportunities, but otherwise it would have been much boring. Furthermore, the elephants working area has now moved much away from the camp, so that it takes another long ride to move there. A choice of good quality films is now available at least in the major tourist areas. It may take some searching and looking around, but its there-which is good, because we arrived there with 20 rolls and came back with 45! Moreover, for some curious reason film is invariably cheaper than in Germany, and in many cases much so.-PLEASE WARNS PEOPLE TO BE AWARE OF X-RAY! Even if the scanning machines at the airports there are really film-safe the accumulated effect of many passages would ruin your photos. Also: EVEN YOUR CHECKED BAGGAGE IS SCANNED, and with much more powerful machines than the cabin baggage. The only safe way is to carry your films in a bag with you, and ask for them to be checked manually. This will no longer work in the US, but Myanmar being a communist/military dictatorship is a much more civilised country, and my request was always accepted. Only during the return trip, I left my small back-camera in my backpack that was checked in. Result: ALL THE PHOTOS of the Golden rock ruined by the red stripes! Please note that the Ya Sa Kyi Hill is 1990m not 2300m, and thus it is less than 200m above the village and not 500. We visited several shops which offered beautiful large wood carvings and statues, but of course it was out of the question to carry these in the plan and the shops owners had no idea about shipping. Many shops in Bangok offer this service for a reasonable fee, it goes by ship which takes several months but it arrives.”

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